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It's Not Just the 3Rs That Are Learned in Our Public Schools
Although we associate school most often with readin', writin' and 'rithmatic, students have many, rich non-academic experiences at school, whose effects are critical for our democratic society.

Educators Debate Merits Of Tenure System
When it comes to educating Long Island's children and youth, there can be no debate on the merits of providing a quality public school education in the elementary and middle grades, high school, or in our colleges and universities.

Public School Teacher Inspires Students to Create Miracles
Nancy Fleming is a public school teacher on a mission --to set an example for her students and teach them that they have voices, show them that they can make a difference, encourage them to give back to their community and support charitable causes.

Collaborative Bargaining: A Positive For Both School Districts and Teachers                                                                                                                                                                                       What Works for Businesses Works for Schools as Well                                                                                                  “When companies work with, not against, their employees in negotiations, the resulting contracts can lead to mutually beneficial, long-term relationships, process improvements and great savings,” explains James Kelly, CEO/Principal of JVKG and a well-known expert on how major corporations can manage their spending effectively. 

Long Island Public Schools Setting the Benchmark in the Use of Technology in the Classroom

With public schools all over Long Island well into the 2008 school year, students, teachers and parents have much to look forward to as our children progress within the classroom.  Long Island public schools are some of the most technologically outfitted schools in the state, and the use of technology in the classroom has never been so well defined or utilized as it is now. 


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