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The following are quotes that members of the media are free to use for editorial purposes.  Please note the individuals' affiliation with the Long Island President's Council.



About Public School Education:


"From its earliest days, public education has been the way to pass along knowledge and skills that our society deems necessary and to enable students to become contributing citizens."


-- Barbara Barosa, President of the Riverhead Central Faculty Association and Chair of the Long Island Presidents' Council. 


"We are committed to our students and are proud of our students and our public schools."


-- Barbara Barosa, President of the Riverhead Central Faculty Association and Chair of the Long Island Presidents' Council. 


"Public school students learn important subjects and skills that make us all productive and successful."


-- Rose Stein, President of the Rockville Centre Teachers' Association.


"The large number of Long Island public school students who are Intel Science Talent Search semi-finalists and finalists each year are evidence of the quality of education our students receive."


-- Loretta Powell, President of the Connetquot Teachers' Association. 


"Students who do well in our public high schools have all the same post-secondary choices as students who attend private schools, as the number of public school students accepted to Ivy League and other 'first-tier' universities demonstrates."


-- Loretta Powell, President of the Connetquot Teachers' Association. 


“The creative use technology in the classroom has the potential to motivate and engage students and to create excitement about learning in ways that some traditional teaching aids and techniques do not,”


-Bob Lacorte, President of the Sachem Central Teachers Association and member of the Long Island Presidents’ Council


“Integrating technology such as computers within the classroom also allows our students to be more comfortable with it later in life as they move through various grades and on to their careers,”


-Kim Pritchard, a former engineer and current Long Island teacher of physics.



About Tenure: 


"The tenure laws say nothing at all about protecting teacher jobs.  In fact, it is designed to do the exact opposite.  It sets up a procedure for disciplining teachers who deserve to be disciplined, even fired."


-- Barbara Barosa, President of Riverhead Central Faculty Association and Chair of the Long Island Presidents' Council.


"There's more to the tenure system than just providing job security to an educator.  Teachers who earn tenure have completed a long period of probation, during which they may be dismissed for any minor cause or no cause at all.  Every public employee enjoys some form of job protection under the Civil Service System.  Teachers receive this protection much later in their careers than any other public employee."


-- Ed Vasta, President of the Manhasset Education Association.


"Teachers need to advocate for students, sometimes even against principals or central administrators.  Otherwise, decisions about students might be made purely as a matter of course."


-- Claudia Reinhart, President of the Three Village Teachers' Association. 


"A teacher without tenure is not a professional.  He or she can not assert a strong opinion about what is good for a child.  He or she must simply obey all decisions of a principal, even when these decisions are clearly wrong.  That may be a good thing in some businesses, but it simply does not work in a school."


-- Claudia Reinhart, President of the Three Village Teachers' Association. 

"In the days before tenure, teachers were hired and fired without any regard to merit.  Can you imagine who some of the school boards you have read about in recent years would hire if they were not constrained by tenure?"                         

-- Joe Carbone, President of South Huntington Teachers' Association."

 "The tenure law permits due process panels or hearing officers to fire teachers for misconduct, incompetence, insubordination, physical or mental disability, neglect of duty or for the lack of a teaching certificate.  What else would a reasonable person want to fire someone for?  If you can suggest something, and it is right, the teacher unions will work to have it added.  No teacher is helped by having to work next to or with someone who should not be teaching."           

--Jeff Rozran, President of the Syosset Teachers' Association.

About Nancy Fleming: Public School Teacher Inspires Students:      

“When it comes to motivating students to become involved in community service and to care, Nancy Fleming has raised the bar. She is one of many public school teachers who lead by example and inspire colleagues and students at other schools by her efforts."

--Carlo Rebolini, President of the Garden City Teachers’ Association. 

"Nancy inspires her students as well as our Foundation trustees with her passion.  From hosting bake sales, to holiday boutiques and walkathons, Nancy exemplifies how a public school teacher can impact her students in a positive way with great results.”

-- Joe Castronovo, President, Miracle Foundation.

“Everyone knows that teaching is a profession that extends beyond the classroom.  By providing a broader perspective and encouraging students to pool their talents, teachers are able to help motivate students to work for the greater good and help those in need.  My students and I have been enriched by our club participation.”

--Nancy Fleming, Garden City Teacher and Miracle Club Advisor.


About Collaborative Bargaining:                                                                                    

“When companies work with, not against, their employees in negotiations, the resulting contracts can lead to mutually beneficial, long-term relationships, process improvements and great savings.  In collaborative bargaining, businesses need to view employees as partners working to achieve the same goal; exceptional goods or services for customers or clients. Or in the case of schools, exceptional teachers and the best possible education for your children.


--James Kelly, CEO/Principal of JVKG and a well-known expert on how major corporations can manage their spending effectively. 



"Because the basis of collaborative bargaining is communication and consensus, it requires that both sides participate in the development of the agreement.  As a result, teachers and school district officials are working toward common goals rather than focusing on individual interests."


--Kevin Kilgallin, President of the Carle Place Teachers’ Association.



“The key is collaboration, not confrontation.  To be successful, we have to work together for a common goal.”


--Kevin Kilgallin, President of the Carle Place Teachers’ Association. 


“Despite some common preconceptions of people who are not involved in the process, most teacher unions and school districts are confident that each group has the best interests of students in mind as they discuss their positions.  Though we may differ on specific, economic or other elements, neither side seriously believes that the other is not negotiating in good faith.”


--Jeff Rozran, President of the Syosset Teachers’ Association. 


“One of the really valuable aspects of collaborative bargaining is that it causes each side to consider the needs of the other as well as its own needs,”

--James Kelly, CEO/Principal of JVKG and a well-known expert on how major corporations can manage their spending effectively. 

“Even when the school district and the teachers’ association have different issues or concerns, they both recognize that the process of collaborative bargaining allows them to resolve their problems and complaints in a balanced and expeditious way.”


--Joseph Carbone, President of the South Huntington Teachers’ Association.


Long Island President's Council:  an association consisting of presidents from many of LI's public teachers' unions


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